Peter Elephant Nose

Back by Popular Demand are our Peter Elephant Nose Fish

Only £12.50 each  or 3 For £30.00

Scientific Name – Gnathonemus petersii

Common Names – Elephantnose Fish, Peter’s Elephant

Care Level – Medium. This fish needs a Mature tank and should not be considered otherwise. The fish is scaleless and will be intolerant to some medication.

Size – up to 53 cm (wild)

pH – 6 to 7.2

Temperature – 73-82*F (23-28*C)

Lifespan – 6-10 years

Origin / Habitat – They are native to the slow, murky waters of Africa, mainly around Niger.

Temperament / Behavior – Peaceful, but cannot be kept in pairs because the weaker one will be harassed. If you want to keep them in groups, they need to be in 3 or more, so the aggression will be spread out.

Elephantnose Fish Tank Mates – Anything peaceful, Tetras, Angelfish, Gouramis Etc, .

Breeding – Very difficult to breed in captivity.

Feeding / Diet – They are Mostly scavengers, who sense food with their nose, then bring it to their mouth, much like a real elephant, except that the mouth is above the trunk, rather than below. They love bloodwormsand Brine shrimp, but will rarely accept flakes.

Gender – Impossible to tell without dissection.

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