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Faunus Black Devil Snail Care Sheet

Faunus Black Devil Snail
Love Snails but do not wont to be overrun by them. The devil Snail is a great clean-up crew. It will not reproduce in freshwater as needs brackish water to reproduce.

Tank size- 10 gal minimum
Temperament- Peaceful Commuinty
Diet- Omnivore
Temperature- 71-77 °F/21.5-25 °C
pH 7-8.5
Size Max 9cm

Faunus Black Devil Snail natural habitat
The Faunus Black Devil Snail snail is naturally found in the Western Indo-Pacific region, where it inhabits a wide range of islands. It can be found in all types of waters, including estuaries which can range from fully freshwater to mid-end brackish.

Faunus Black Devil Snail Requirements
What do you need to keep your Faunus snails happy and healthy?
Actually, not Very much!
Like some other snail species, Faunus likes to burrow from time to time. This means a sand substrate will be appreciated, although gravel will probably work too.

Interestingly, this snail is actually not strictly freshwater! If you’re setting up a brackish tank for peaceful fish like bumblebee gobies, you can consider Faunus. With this said Faunus will live happy in freshwater

Some people have reported that Like most snails they may enjoy eating plants as this is a natural food so may be best avoided in an aquascape.

Faunus tankmates
When it comes to tankmates, Faunus snails aren’t fussy. Avoid any nippy fish to damage the snails’ fragile antennae and even the tiniest shrimp will be left alone. Be sure to keep at least two of these snails, as they do love each others company. And no need to worry about snail babies!


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