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Faunus Black Devil Snail Care Sheet

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Faunus Black Devil Snail Love Snails but do not wont to be overrun by them. The devil Snail is a great clean-up crew. It will not reproduce in freshwater as needs brackish water to reproduce. Tank size- 10 gal minimum Temperament- Peaceful Commuinty Diet- Omnivore Temperature- 71-77 °F/21.5-25 °C pH 7-8.5 Size Max 9cm Faunus […]

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WARNING TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS Ichthyomania This Aquatic disease is becoming more and more prevalent among adolescent and adult human being. To my knowledge it is not a fatal condition, but can become crippling financially. The first symptoms are the long enquiring gazes at the tanks that decorate the homes of friend. This gradually develops […]