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Bumble Bee Platy

Bumble Bee Platy Are Back In stock 

Scientific Name : Xiphophorus maculatus

Care Level : Very Easy,

Size : 5 cm

pH : 7 – 8

Temperature : 18°C – 26°C

Water Hardness : 10° to 25° dH

Origin / Habitat : Central America

Lifespan : 2 – 3 years

Platy Behavior : A great community Fish very peaceful . I would recommend to have two females for every one male. By doing this will prevent the male from harassing a single female.

Platy Breeding : They are live bearers which means that they babies can swim immediately after birth. Very easy to breed all what is usually needed is putting the two together

Platy Compatible Tank Mates : Community Fish .

Diet / Foods : Give them a varied diet consisting of flakes, freeze dried foods for optimum health.

Tank Region : All level of the aquarium

Gender :The female is usually bigger than a male . The male Platy also has a modified anal fin called a gonopodium.



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