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Neon Tetra Care Sheet Different trends come and go other the years in the fish keeping hobby, but the one fish that has always been they are the peaceful Neon Tetra Brightly coloured would add colour to any community tank and makes amazing shoaling fish. Scientific Name : Paracheirodon innesi Care Level :Easy. Size :4 […]

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WARNING TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS Ichthyomania This Aquatic disease is becoming more and more prevalent among adolescent and adult human being. To my knowledge it is not a fatal condition, but can become crippling financially. The first symptoms are the long enquiring gazes at the tanks that decorate the homes of friend. This gradually develops […]

Peter Elephant Nose

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Back by Popular Demand are our Peter Elephant Nose Fish Only £12.50 each  or 3 For £30.00 Scientific Name – Gnathonemus petersii Common Names – Elephantnose Fish, Peter’s Elephant Care Level – Medium. This fish needs a Mature tank and should not be considered otherwise. The fish is scaleless and will be intolerant to some medication. Size – up […]